ANGELA AND VISUAL REFLEXOLOGY   

Whilst giving her son a reflexology treatment one day she noticed sudden alarming changes in the appearance of his feet which directly coincided with the onset of a health problem. As a result she started thinking about how studying the reflexes visually might be able to help with understanding and improving her clients' health.

 Once she started looking more closely at the reflexes she began to think about how little reflexologists consider this side of reflexology. Various reflexologists teach reading the personality on the feet, however she felt there was an enormous gap in the understanding of how the health of the other energetic levels manifests visually on the reflexes. She wanted to study this as to be able to use her findings to complement her palpation as a within a reflexology context. 

 To explore her theory about the potential of visual reflexology she started to run workshops with colleagues in order to study each others feet. It quickly became clear that enormous insights into a person's health could be gained before the feet were even touched. The workshops became very much in demand and consequently she currently travels all over the UK and Ireland leading them for groups of local reflexologists.

The demand for the workshops, and the popularity of a Facebook study group she runs on the subject, confirmed  to her how under appreciated and underused this aspect of reflexology had previously been. It was clear how interested many of her fellow reflexologists were in the study of the visual energetic level and its use and application in their practices.

 She now uses the Facebook group to carry out informal research with other members into the significance of the appearance of the feet and the reflexes. Long term she aims to bring together the teachings of those who have studied the representation of the emotions and personality in the feet, with those of the more physical aspects and work towards a thoroughly holistic understanding of this subject on all energetic levels. 

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Angela has been a therapist for over 30 years and a reflexologist for over 25, and has worked in several well known health clubs and clinics both in this country and in South America.  She first became interested in complementary medicine 30 years ago whilst spending a year travelling in China and Tibet. Through addressing her own health issues during this time she became aware of the benefits of a more holistic way of life.

Inspired by her experiences in the Far East, on her return she became a massage therapist and then progressed to practising solely as a reflexologist.  In the past she has had reflexology clinics in some of London's top health clubs including The Third Space for integrated medicine in Piccadilly, The Sanctuary in Covent Garden and Body Works West in Notting Hill. She has also  spent time working as a therapist in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Over the years she has had many well known clients especially from the fields of Arts & Media, but enjoys working with people from a wide range of backgrounds. Nowadays she no longer practises in clinics but focuses entirely on her private clients and developing the study of Visual Reflexology.

She is a member of the Association of Reflexologists the largest professional body for reflexologists in the UK

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